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Updated computational techniques and newly available data indicate the probability of collision of the Earth April 13, 2036," writes NASA on its website.

Apart from 2036, asteroid Apophis will come close to the Earth in 20 too.

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The news has been confirmed by Duane Brown, a NASA official at the Washington Headquarters.Steve Chesley, a NASA scientist, along with his fellow teammate Paul Khodas from the jet propulsion laboratory of NASA, learned the trajectory of the asteroid since 2009, and they predict that the collision may cause precisely on April 13, 2036.The updated orbit of Apophis was finalized after observations made by Dave Tholen and his collaborators at the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy."Apophis was one of those heavenly bodies, which attracted the interest of the public, as it was discovered in 2004.You will also find hand-painted designs from Jerusalem-based Yair Emanuel as well as modernist designs from Haifa-based Shraga Landesman.Finally, check out our hand-dipped bees wax Hannukah candles, from Safed Candles in Upper Galilee.These colorful menorahs are made of anodized aluminum and break down into modular units and to be stored in clever wooden box.


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