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Or go with someone new like America Chavez, the rebooted Miss America.We know it is getting a reboot, but let’s be honest: no one remembers this film.At the same time, Johnny Storm may have also tried to give him a solution. When Laura won't drop a subject of interest and goes digging into Daken's past- hilarity ensues. Before Keith joined the Garrison, he spent two and a half years living with the foster parents he considered his favorites. HYDRA has tightened its grip on the world, even taking over (most of) SHIELD. There is a rebellion rising, something that grows stronger every day and consists of very powerful people hell bent on taking the Empire down.What he ends up with are several people interfering with us love life, several dudes wanting his number and probably his body, a few cuts and bruises, and a possible role in a bank heist from a woman who’s lived for about two thousand years. Leaving Daken left with a figure from his past that well... They were weird, sure, but they were good people who did their best to raise him and teach him how to take care of himself. The captain needs a weapon, something that can do away with opposition quickly and easily. If you know his name, you have watched the 1991 version recently because I am not sure his name is said more than once.These have all been long stereotypes for LBGTQ characters in film both in and out of the closet.

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At least in the 1990s version, he doesn’t get a happy ending. But possibly a larger problem with Le Fou is that he is a villain.

Deadpool, Mystique in her story line with Destiny, lesser known characters like Wiccan, and even lesser lesser known characters such as the bisexual Prodigy.

Mary Jane Watson in parts of the Spider-Man Universe.

Disney has announced that it is introducing its first openly gay character. His obsession and loyalty to Gaston was always coded as gay, but now that Disney is confirming it, it truly cements Lefou as an ugly stereotype. Le Fou becomes tragic, or maybe now we just have to realize, he always was.

Now if you don’t remember who that is, that’s more than fine, because no one does. Le Fou is a short, weak kiss ass, captivated by masculinity of Gaston, a thing he can never truly be. He wants to be with Gaston, but he can’t have him either.


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