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Eventually, Ferb and Lawrence moved to the city of Danville in the United States where his father met a woman named Linda Flynn and fell in love with her at a Love Händel concert ("Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together").When Lawrence married Linda, Ferb gained Linda's children, Phineas and Candace, as step-siblings.He is very courageous and has the ability to think quickly and stay calm in the midst of desperate scenarios.A notable skill of his is a technical and technological proficiency he shares with his stepbrother which he can easily take advantage of and build almost anything he chooses to.Ferb was also a very successful time-traveler, since he and Phineas fixed a time machine at the local museum, traveling back in time to 300 million B. Phineas and Ferb accidentally brought Candace with them, breaking the time machine in the process.

His known alias, Ferb, is evidently short for a longer name; however, he was interrupted when he came close to mentioning what that name was.

He is one of three children of the Flynn-Fletcher household among his step-siblings Phineas Flynn and Candace Flynn.

People he knows as friends include Buford Van Stomm, Baljeet Tjinder, and Isabella Garcia-Shapiro.

Phineas and Ferb decide to build a rollercoaster that extends from their backyard to all over town.

Not only did they create a rollercoaster, but they created a beach in their backyard as well, where Ferb sang his first known song, Backyard Beach.


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