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The book, which is excerpted from Andrew Doe's extensive Guide to The Beach Boys, but here covers only through 1974's In Concert (with 1964's Beach Boys Concert cover mistakenly substituted). Overall a deceptive, no-budget DVD release that can be readily avoided by most fans. This UK product is a book/DVD combo, neither of which is essential by any means, but an OK product for novices who are just getting into the band. Then, for no apparent reason other than to avoid truth-in-advertizing lawsuits, the video shifts suddenly to performances by the Beach Boys, four of which are taken from the previously released (see above), which is still readily available, as well as two television clips from early, black and white appearances of the band. In addition, a team of eminent musicologists and respected rock critics are on hand to unravel the secrets of the Beach Boys phenomenon; these include influential drummer Rod Gretsinger and producer/guitarist Les Davidson. Having grown up on a steady diet of Gilligan's Island, The Monkees and the Brady Bunch primed me for a lifetime of enjoyment from simple pleasures like this movie. So you'll see extended clips of Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon doing the "clam" and other various trailers and clips. With powerful and rare live performance footage as its backdrop The program also features fascinating archive interviews with Brian Wilson and his late brother Carl.Films by and about the Beach Boys are continuing to surface. This full-length feature film includes vintage black & white photos and footage of Dennis and the Beach Boys of 1974.

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The film includes never-before-seen footage of Dennis and the Beach Boys from 1974.

) Among their schemes to raise the funds are a beauty contest, (with a featured bellydance! The DVD is similarly well-meaning - it's obvious that the producers tried to put together something nice, with the limited resources they had available.

Patricia Johnson (as Linda Saunders) Lesley Gore.... (Their heart-of-gold landlady gave their nest-egg away to needy charities without telling anyone! Still, for a Beach Boys book, you could do far worse than tap the talents of the talented Andrew Doe.

Leon College whiz-kid Merlin Jones (Tommy Kirk) concocts a method for teaching an advanced sleep-learning method to a chimpanzee, and then (on a completely unrelated note) creates a human-powered flying machine of his own design, ultimately causing more wacky misadventures on the school campus. The singing during this show is gorgeous, with a few obvious vocal flubs here and there. The final deception of this DVD is the tacked-on addition of two Jan & Dean lip-syncs, which has the damaged duo mouthing along to "Surf City" and "Sidewalk Surfin" by a pool, frequently interrupted by stock footage of surfers, skateboarders, and ultra-coiffed girls in bikinis.

In fact, Dennis's natural charm and good-humor are completely buried in this heavy dramatic exercise, which for fans of the Beach Boys hoping to see one of their dearest icons, is probably the film's greatest fault. What struck me most during the show was the sheer amount of harmony the Beach Boys add to almost every number. The video quality is only so-so, with the footage apparently swiped from a less-than-pristine VHS tape, with LOTS of tracking and flutter problems.


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