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According to Genesis –34, Esau had previously sold his birthright to Jacob for "bread and stew of lentils".Thereafter, Isaac sent Jacob into Mesopotamia to take a wife of his mother's brother's house.Rather, he was directed to sacrifice instead a nearby ram that was stuck in thickets. Isaac was 60 years old when his two sons were born.This event served as a test of Abraham's faith in God, When Isaac was 40, Abraham sent Eliezer, his steward, into Mesopotamia to find a wife for Isaac, from his nephew Bethuel's family. After many years of marriage to Isaac, Rebekah had still not given birth to a child and was believed to be barren. When the land experienced famine, he removed to the Philistine land of Gerar where his father once lived.

He reconciled with his twin brother Esau, then he and Esau buried their father, Isaac, in Hebron after he died at the age of 180.

According to local tradition, the graves of Isaac and Rebekah, along with the graves of Abraham and Sarah and Jacob and Leah, are in the Cave of the Patriarchs.

In rabbinical tradition, the age of Isaac at the time of binding is taken to be 37, which contrasts with common portrayals of Isaac as a child.

This land was still under the control of King Abimelech as it was in the days of Abraham.

Like his father, Isaac also deceived Abimelech about his wife and also got into the well business.


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