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The evidence emerged a few years ago after a group of Aboriginal men’s Y chromosomes matched with Y chromosomes typically found in Indian men.The study found a pattern of SNPs that is found in genetics of Dravidian speakers from South India.Mahadevan claimed that the find was evidence of the use of the Harappan language, and therefore that the "Neolithic people of the Tamil country spoke a Tamil language".The date of the celt was estimated at between 1500 BCE and 2000 BCE.The state was ranked sixth among states in India according to the Human Development Index in 2011, and is the second largest state economy in India with Its official language is Tamil, which is one of the longest-surviving classical languages in the world. In addition, its people have developed and continue classical arts, classical music, and classical literature.The state is also home to a number of historic buildings and religious sites including Hindu temples of Tamil architecture, historic hill stations, multi-religious pilgrimage sites, and eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.Over time, sprawling tea estates and heritage buildings came up, further enhancing its photogenic setting.Not just families and friends, but honeymooners have also found an appropriate paradise in Ooty, owing to its mesmerising lakes and hills.

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Numismatic, archaeological and literary sources corroborate that the Sangam period lasted for about six centuries, from 300 BC to AD 300.The scenery is immensely breathtaking here; ideal for capturing in cameras.From outside, Saint Stephens Church looks plain and simple, but its interiors tell a completely different story.A moderate elevation of around 7350 feet and a pleasant weather for most part of the year has led to Ooty tour packages becoming increasingly popular.As with most hill towns in India, Udhagamandalam was established by the British.A carpet-covered aisle, lined by coffee-coloured wooden benches, makes the decor elegant.


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