Ghana femdom

All that ass licking action he'd unleashed upon her earlier made Loretta horny as can be, and Steve had to deal with the consequences.After a few pleasant minutes, Loretta just about had enough.There was nothing he loved more than his sweet Loretta's ass.Greedily he began munching on her butt hole, loving the way it smelled and tasted, and the young West African woman moaned in pleasure.Moments later, Steve began to moan and a grinning Loretta worked a second finger up his ass.Steve's warm, tight ass gripped Loretta's fingers like a vise."Steve, my love, I want to fuck that ass of yours," Loretta said, half-jokingly, and Steve stopped munching on her asshole.

When the Haitian stud hesitated, Loretta grabbed his face for emphasis.

The Haitian stud nodded so eagerly that for a brief moment Loretta worried his head might come off like that of a bobble-head doll.

"Kinky idea," Steve said, and Loretta grinned, and rolled off of him.

Indeed, the tall, fine sister from Ghana has the kind of thick, dark and juicy, heart-shaped ass that would make tennis legend Serena Williams green with envy. "Give me that ass, my dear," Steve paused to say, and he smacked Loretta's big dark bum before he resumed munching on her hot, sweaty butthole. Wrapping her full, lovely lips around Steve's long and thick Haitian dick, Loretta decided to show her man what the ladies of Ghana were all about.

While sucking Steve's dick, Loretta worked a finger up his ass. For a moment, Steve froze and Loretta worried she might have gone too far.


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