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"We worked with each other to get the best we could out of each other. We have women who are in book clubs and investment clubs and triathletes who are training together." There's a wide age range, too, from recent collegians such as Annis to veterans such as Eve Pell, who soon will become the Impala's first veteran (over-70) member.

"The last several years, we've been building and growing and developing," said Shwe, a longtime running coach who joined the team a decade ago and is in her third year as president.

John Storey San Francisco Event on 5/24/05 MANDATORY CREDIT FOR PHOTOG AND SF CHRONICLE/ -MAGS OUT less Runners_jrs_0176Story about the all women Impala running team, that trains at Kezar stadium.

Left to Right: Caroline Annis, Cheryl Shwe, and Sue Johnston run on the track at Kezar. more Caroline Annis wasn't quite sure what she was getting into when she decided to join the all-women Impala racing team back in October.

Again not true, almost half of the episodes in the season weren't scully's and of the one's that were, only a few were misses. And with other mediocre stuff like Bart Carny, The Trouble with Trillions, The Last Temptation of Krust, Lost our Lisa, All Singing, All Dancing, King of the Hill, This Little Wiggy...

It lost some of it's classic satire and moved into wacky territory a little under the first year of scully reign, but it was balanced by some strong episodes from others. this season can truly be seen as the first one with a serious lack of outstanding episodes.

"One of the things we always advocated in terms of workouts was we're not competing with each other," Johnson said. "Right now, we've got a group of women who are all engaged (to be married)," Johnston said, "another that just had babies, and a whole dating crowd.

Different production run or not, we're talking about the season in general and it can't be penalised because it was intended to air at a different time. NY and The Cartridge Family among several others are better then Lisa the Simpson. But the background-music for the menus on the DVD-box discs for S9 were great. Something that makes revisiting these episodes a bit more enjoyable.

- The characterizations sharply declined in believability and consistency right from the get-go, even the more well written episodes and the more emotional character based episodes are way out there compared to previous seasons The Characters maintained believability (is that a word? Each kept to their characterizations when pushed further then before and secondary characters certainly hadn't become one-dimensional by this point. I think Homer vs NY might be the last of what I'd consider to be the classic episodes, but The Cartridge Family is close. Mom & Pop Art and Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder from the next two seasons are much better Al Jean episodes.

"Through the running community, I got to meet some Impala team members, including the president (Cheryl Kruse Shwe), who I thought was an amazing woman, balancing work and family and running.

I'm all about trying to achieve balance in my life, and the women on this team had such a good, healthy perspective on things.


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