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It was nominated for an Academy Award in 1954, the series' final Oscar nomination, while Johann Mouse won the last award for the series a year before. is a follow-up to the 1952 cartoon The Two Mouseketeers, which won the 1951 Academy Award.

The title is also Tuffy's catchphrase in the "Mouseketeer" shorts.

jimbo: oh shit, taehung: LMAOOOOOOOO jimbo: I CAN'TKAHAKKA hoesucc: I JUST HEARD HIM SCREAM "FUCKING HOSEOK YOU PIECE OF SHIT" FROM HIS ROOM hoesucc: OH SHIT HE'S BANGING MY DOOR hoesucc: I'M SCARED HE'S SCREAMING ABOUT "BEATING YOUR FUCKING ASS YOU FUCKING DICK" hoesucc: taehung: ^^ iconic hoesucc: I YELLED "CASH ME OUSSIDE HOW BOW DAH" JUST TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED hosesucc: IT GOT WORSE jimbo: do u have a death wish or hoesucc: NEVER HEARD HIM CUSS SO MUCHASFAS hoesucc: I'M GONNA JUMP OUT THE WINDOW jimbo: don't u live in like the 8th floor hoesucc: I RATHER DIE THAN FACE HIM RN TBH taehung: can i keep ur figurines hoesucc: THEY'RE GOING TO THE GRAVE WITH ME mommy: Tell him I told you this: Kim Namjoon, you come here to my apartment right now or you're never coming near this ass again. hoesucc: Yes dad thank you so much I owe you my life mommy: xx hoesucc: OMG HE DEADASS FUCKING BLASTED TRU THE FRONT DOOR LIKE hoesucc: GOTTA BLAST, GOTTA ZAYN, SONIC MODE ACTIVATED jimbo: LMAO HE'S SO WHIPPED taehung: i wanted ur figurines :( hosucc: WELL TO BAD BITCH THEY'RE MINE UNTIL I FUCK UP AGAIN AND HAVE TO FACE DEATH BY THE HANDS OF KIM NAMJOON taehung: *noted* hoesucc: wdym hoesucc: why noted taehung: ily hyung jimbo: another one down taehung: rip hoesucc: Weak ass mommy: He can't tolerate a little biological inaccuracy mommy: Anyways namjoon arrived mommy: like 10 minutes ago mommy: but I decided not to open the door and make him wait while I take a nice loooong bath jimbo: LMAO jimbo: ur such a petty bitch mommy: Did you just call bitch"?

jimbo: I'm sorry, it won't happen again mommy: It better don't.

So please if you think him calling himself mom once or twice makes it okay to refer to him as a woman...

So, each month we'll test drive the latest dating apps and report back on what's worth your time.Jerry, the Captain of the Mouseketeers and an old friend of Fran├žois, attempts to train the garrulous Tuffy, but Tuffy is far too aggressive: he slashes wildly with his rapier, accidentally stabs Jerry in the rear, and courts confrontation with rival Guardsman Tom.After Jerry must save Tuffy from Tom (by splitting Tom in two with an axe), he prepares to send Tuffy home in disgrace.The cartoon was animated by Kenneth Muse, Ed Barge and Irven Spence, with backgrounds by Robert Gentle.It was released in theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer on December 18, 1954.jimbo: i'm in jungcook: Me too minsugagenius: Idk I'll see hoesucc: I'm coming too! jimbo: istg ur the most obvious mommy: Ok see you, love you, pls wear a coat it's getting cold jimbo: ok mom jungcook: ok mom taehung: ok mom hoesucc: ok mom minsugagenius: I'm not calling him mom mommy: Ur not eating if you don't minsugagenius: ok mom PLEASE READ: You might see they called Jin "mom" and he said "you came out of my vagina"...


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