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This is the simple, no frills web browser you’ve been waiting for.Key Grinder – Key Grinder uses a simple algorithm to build secure passwords out of easily-remembered information.Used for home, business, or social networking, Peekeez is secure, simple and easy to set up.Just download, select a camera, and begin live viewing!The application allows the user to modify font family, size, background color, alignment and columns in order to see how text in rendered in both portrait and landscape mode.Free Full Screen Private Browsing for i Phone & i Pad – Finally, you can view all your websites privately and in full screen for free!Color RGB makes it easy to find the RGB values, hue, and the color code of any color.i PDF Reader Free – i PDF Reader is the world’s slimmest e Book and PDF reader, now available for the i Pad and offered for free to celebrate launch day!

Feel free to click on a board below that interests you and jump right in!Do you always have trouble making your own decisions? Just press one of the Quick Choice buttons and Choices will make up your mind for you!Choices has a built in coin flipper, random number generators, a day picker and more!Search a boundless library of books and pdf’s from all over the world and from every possible subject matter.Font Displayer – Font Viewer is a developer utility used to test fonts in different sizes, layouts and settings.Clinometer HD – bubble level and slope finder – With this tool, the slope can be measured by all edges of the device in every direction.


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