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Black XS features fresh lemon notes, Kalamanzi fruit, tagetes, sage, praline, cardamom, cinnamon, Tou balsam, rosewood, black amber, patchouli and ebony. Black XS want to be a modern, young perfume, but the opening is terrible and smells like outdated, hardcore 80’s lemony-herbal stuffs.

Black XS was created by Olivier Cresp and Rosendo Mateu. Few minutes the only thing what I get: 2-3 hours strawberry flavored chocolate with a hint of cardamom.

Perhaps they’re not actively pressuring her to get her face carved up and become a cosmetic surgery addict like Kim Kardashian, but they are essentially peer pressuring her into it by getting themselves implanted, Botoxed, lip puffed and other cosmetic atrocities.If her nose was tweaked, it was done subtly and well. Look at the first photo – the young woman has paper thin lips. Pregnancy can do that, bee stings can do that and even a severe allergic reaction. It’s collagen or another filler syringed into her lips. There is no science behind going from lips 1/8” wide to 1/2” wide overnight. She’s got Angelina Jolie lips now but if you look at Angelina’s childhood photos, you’ll see she’s always had that plump pouter and it didn’t just crop up on her face spontaneously. Here is Kylie with her big sis Khloe giving her a kiss. I do have to give her props since she didn’t opt for giant fun bags, but still it’s just one more thing to make her less herself and more some crafted avatar intended for social media consumption. And if she has taken this approach but Kylie rejected it, why didn’t she just tell her no. And that’s not to say she was unattractive or unworthy, but she definitely didn’t have model good looks. Her family can certainly afford to put her through college.But since she’s not knocked up (yet), not traveling with an entourage of apians and is only allergic to a lack of attention, the obvious answer is a plumper – and a lot of it. It’s a sweet photo but what stands out to me clearly is the clear outline of her right breast implant peeking out of her sweater. At 16 and 17, Kylie can’t have surgery and other cosmetic procedures without both parental permission and money to pay for it. But it’s easier to carve herself up and sell herself based on her looks. And while it may work now to get her some modeling gigs, eventually it’s going to cost her. Citrusy opening makes a great introduction into the sweet and spicy heart of the composition. Knowing the desire of some women to wear men’s fragrances, it can be said that no woman would dare to wear Black XS despite of its soft and warm woodsy notes and even sweet notes of the drydown.Deep and dark sweet fruity notes of the heart are replaced by woodsy notes and amber in the base.


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