Graduate student and professor dating am i dating too soon after breakup

He strikes a deal with the bar in order to prevent him from being disbarred, on the condition that he graduate from an existing college with an actual degree.While brainstorming the right college to attend, he ate at a frozen-yogurt restaurant and overheard a conversation elucidating the ease of graduation from Greendale Community College.

Jeff is continually sarcastic, suffers occasional bouts of rational-actor sociopathy, and often displays much less enthusiasm for Greendale activities than other members in his Spanish study group.At the beginning of season two, Britta recants her declaration of love for Jeff, saying she was caught up in the spirit of competition, and he comes to an uneasy understanding with both Britta and Annie.Later in the season, the study group finds out that Britta and Jeff had been hooking up in secret throughout the year, and both of them then realize they have no interest in continuing to hook up.However, by the end of the pilot episode, he is kicked out of the group before being asked to join back in.After Britta definitively rejects his advances, Jeff begins flirting with his statistics professor, Michelle Slater, and they eventually begin dating.His father divorced his mother when he was very young and later had another child named Willy Jr. Jeff was once a highly successful defense attorney with the law firm Hamish, Hamish, and Hamlin founded by Ted.


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