Sophos antivirus not updating

If it's any consolation, I just did a fresh install of Shopos last night and it's not updating. The only issue that I see is that if they are configured differently, I cannot change it as the settings are locked out. Adam Normally I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling.

But since you are not familiar with that procedure for Sophos you are left to contacting the GSC. [m]ethods for circumventing Church policies or security mechanisms."The GSC will provide the instructions to uninstall Sophos if that is necessary.

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The window also confirms that there is an issue contacting the server.

All of these settings are greyed out and will not allow for any change.

Due to this, I am assuming that these settings are proper.

This post is being done from the very computer that cannot connect to the server to find the Sophos update.

Any help on this error would be greatly appreciated.


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