Updating gmail

I have long had the problem but have just fixed it.

My Windows 7 computer clock showed the local time and date correctly but was set to the wrong time zone.

Some more information: I went on another computer and the time there was fine on gmail – but I received it here are the wrong time! I am getting the "DNS server unavailable" error when I try to sync tiem with any of the options mentioned under time. So clearly for me the problem is within Microsoft Outlook, which is affecting Google (since the Outlook messages are forwarded to Google.) Outlook was also affecting the time when Blackberry was sinc-ed with it. I have tried all the regular fixes like the computer's time setting and daylight savings time etc etc. After trying EVERYTHING I went to the same page (google account) and instead of changing the time zone in the edit profile section I clicked on Doc settings (further down on the same page). When I opened up my gmail inbox the time was right! And, well, now that I've wasted a God Damn hour on this I f'ing give up. You could change your account settings to eastern time (if you are in the central time zone).

How come google help didn't tell us there is an option to change the time zone in google docs? I have done everything mentioned six or seven times each. and generally when i ask other people – they say the first / easiest thing: change the settings. I have chosen not to use the GMAIL calendar till after April 4th.

Go into your computer task bar and select Adjust Date/Time option and make sure you have the correct time zone and time.

Then select INTERNET TIME and select CHANGE SETTINGS and select the option UPDATE NOW Click OK to save and exit. It doesn't have an Internet Time as talked about here.

A good question Searching google accounts help for: timestamp

hl=en&answer=75049 It says: "Web History doesn't use the time zone set in your Google Account to determine your current time zone.

I haven't traveled out of my timezone since I first signed up for Gmail. It was the Google docs timezone settings (no timezone selected, but CST is -6 from GMT so makes sense).

I had to change both the time zone and then clock time.

@James: After u've done with setting ur proper time zone on ur gmail a/c,u are also supposed to set same timezone in your computer…After you have done the both works then u can get MS Time what it gives from internet based on your time zone set up in your computer… Same problems as everyone else and nothing worked until……

Lately, I'm noticing that all my messages in Gmail have the wrong time displayed on each message (everything is off by three hours).

I checked my PC timezone settings and everything looks correct.


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