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Perry for review and personalized feedback, or students can opt for face-to-face mentoring.Classes are generally geared towards those who are new to astrology, and are presented in a fun, and easy to digest manner.There is so much to be gained from the study of astrology, because it is a symbolic way to understand the energies that make up the energies within a person, and how those energies play out in relationships, the community at large, and within the cosmic dance of the stars and spheres. One on one lessons can be conducted in person in Berkeley, or via Skype or telephone. I offer individual instruction to develop your chart interpretation and counseling skills.I emphasize in-depth understanding of transit cycles and secondary and solar arc progressions.Whether you are looking for a basic understanding and astrology foundation or are wanting to deepen an already existing course of study, the Los Angeles Astrology School has a class that’s right for you.Our focus is to provide you with the tools to read charts and gain self-awareness for yourself and others. In the age-old tradition of in-depth instruction, the mentorship program is designed to continue the unbroken thread of astrological knowledge, as well as to undertake an examination of the soul work indicated by the student’s chart.Participating is fun filled, informative, and life changing. https:// Institute is offering classes for the true beginner extending to training and mentorship for the advanced astrological practitioner as well as for those who just want to learn astrology for fun.Classes are limited to 16 people in order to provide quality instruction for everyone. The astrological philosophy of the school emphasizes the archetypal (Jungian), mythic and transformational approaches to astrological education.

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l=classes Regular SF Bay Area classes & workshops are taught by Dr. These can be taken separately or in conjunction with the Astro Psychology Mentorship Program, which constitutes three levels. For more information about workshops, classes, or the Mentorship Program, contact our website: call Dr. Alexandra teaches astrology classes in the Sacramento Ca area.

Jessica teaches in her San Francisco office or by phone.

[email protected] – Los Angeles County NCGR – Los Osos/Moro Bay NCGR – Morango Valley NCGR – Sacramento NCGR – San Diego

San Diego ACS psychological astrology program provides an intimate forum for understanding your own chart as well as for delivering empowering and life affirming readings for others.

The learning environment is interactive and supportive and all questions and perspectives are considered.


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