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This, in effect, results in a counter-flow of air that pulls room dirt to the grill.

My understanding is the dust/dirt streaks on the register (supply) can be caused by either poor seal of register to drywall or if it is on the register itself, due to the flex duct being kinked and/or providing turbulent airflow and making part of the register act as a return. The air going down the duct and leaving the supply (grille) will cause a vacuum to suck air in through leaks (joints not sealed, boots not sealed) and at the register (supply) as well. Just my Thanks My opinion, most of the answers are correct.Top Chats presents you with a list of the top rated chat sites online so you can quickly find the best of the best.Each site in our list has cutting-edge features, a highly populated environment and a beautiful website design.Bring your experience to a whole new level by making it feel like the strangers are sitting right in front of you.


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