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You haven’t hit the lowest bar, much less the ground floor yet. ”DCK: “Yes you did, and/or complained about not being able to pass.

1) Do you go out of your way to buy anything that is not sold where you usually shop?

Im dominate as fuck so we would destroy each other but it might be fun trying”Him: “I dont want to be a text buddy or a male girlfriend to these women. So yeah i could make lemonade out of lemons but who has time for that.

But yet a stated disinterest in spending any time on anyone. …and you don’t read the writing on the wall when it is spelled out for you…again.

" Poor Thai Thai has no idea that she is a chicken.

LOL More to come tour guide teotihuacan washed linen duvet set My husband and I just bought a house in ga.

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(ie: vegan, organic, kosher, cage-free, etc) I routinely pay extra for organic as much as I can afford to. I get free range eggs for free from my mom because she has chickens, but Id pay extra for those too if I didnt.From Bow Bridge to Bethesda Terrace, scenes of Amy Adams singing “That’s How You Know” from Disney’s Enchanted popped into my head.Smiling, I mentally noted to watch that movie as soon as I arrived back in Atlanta.Not really but I do split my normal shopping between 3 different stores (not every time I shop!) I do the bulk of my shopping at Stop and Shop and Trader Joes, and I go to Whole Foods for items I cant get elsewhere or for stuff thats on sale.Meanwhile, if you look at the filmed in the factory farming system, its always an illegal whos doing stupid shit like stomping chickens to death underfoot for fun at a meat processing plant.


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