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The direction your penis curves toward depends on the proportion of your crus (the portion of your penis under the skin), according to research from the .

Men with a short crus and a longer exposed penis generally have an erection that points downward, and men with a longer crus will have an erection that points straight up or outward.

Your penis will appear very red, swollen, and be intensely itchy shortly after intercourse, but this usually lasts about a day.

Both you and your partner should be tested and treated.

Opt for gentle soaps and skin products made for sensitive skin types.

Your reaction can also be due to an allergy to thrush (yeast) you came in contact with from your partner’s vagina.

It happens when there’s inflammation in your urethra (the tube where urine and ejaculate come out through), and the resulting condition is called urethritis, which can be caused by an array of viruses, bacteria, and yeast.If you’re worried, get checked out by a medical expert.If you’re not circumcised, you can run into a problem where your foreskin can’t be retracted from the head of your penis, according to the Mayo Clinic.You can experience ED if you’re vitamin D deficient, diabetic, severely stressed, not having frequent sex, or smoking too much.Talk to a medical professional if lifestyle changes still don’t make a difference; you might need medication or hormones.When erect, it’s normal for your penis to have a slight bend because of your anatomy.


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