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The spokes were a disaster; I discarded them, so I will have to rebuild the wheels.I used naval jelly to strip rust from steel components.It's just a bike, for chrissake, not an Amati violin. A bike's sense of period and design, and its silent lessons about our lives and history, are what really matter. The bike and web site are both works in progress, which may not be finished for a long time, if ever.

It did prove, however, that the frame was built after the Raleigh acquisition of Carlton, 1960 or 61, I believe. I began with the brakes and levers, then the hubs and pedals.My philosophy of old bikes probably won't be approved by most purists.I am not interested in creating museum pieces; I have no interest in a bike I can't ride.After derusting and polishing, the chrome looked pretty good, but it still had a lot of fine pitting.I polished the aluminum components with ultrafine emery paper (240 then 320 grit) and buffed them on a wheel. It consists largely of drawing over the photos of the original artwork in Adobe Photoshop.This looks OK, but I don't think it's the ultimate solution.


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