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It probably has to do with her desire to feed and clothe their three sons.s a dumping ground for officers whose career is finished.Our offenses were bad enough to permanently keep us off the promotion list, but not serious enough to be fired or incarcerated.

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Also see Didn't Think This Through, which is less about research failure and more about planning failure.

He was in his car outside my building watching us while he wrote a letter blaming me for betraying him something a partner should never do.

After he typed out a full page of woe and ran it through spell checker, he stuck his Glock in his mouth and pulled the trigger, punching a hole in the roof and ruining the upholstery of his Ford Tarus. Her asshole was gaped open from my repeated assaults.

But after further investigatigation, it turns out to be murder.

A series of similiar murders terrorize the city as the lurid details are leaked to the media.


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