Free nasty phone chat trials

If you want to share these tips with your team, coworkers, or friends, download our infographic on How to Handle Angry Customers.Need a way to proactively engage with customers on your website? Depending on the customer’s complaint and the direction of the conversation, there are a few different ways you can apologize.Once your angry customer has finally exhausted his or herself, ask questions to gather facts on the problem.Listen to their story without interrupting and then find a way to help.

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Let the customer know that you are there to help, but you cannot do so until they calm down.

If your angry customer refuses to calm down, then kill them with kindness. Show sympathy for their situation and express empathy for their frustration.

By keeping calm and controlling your own anger, you may find that your customer will ease up a little too.

If you do not relieve your stress, you will be a ticking time bomb waiting to lose your cool on the next angry customer—or even worse, your boss.

Keeping your cool with angry customers is not always as easy as it sounds.


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